When preparing your beef calves for the Spring.  Sales at Fat Stock competition’s such as the YFC Rally, optimised liveweight gain is essential in achieving the highest potential profit. In order to achieve this here are a couple of key factors to consider:

Laying Down Fat – The fastest way of laying down carcase fat is by introducing a high starch diet which will result in an increase of energy level being fed. It is beneficial to have multiple starch sources within the one ration as each ingredient will be digested by the cattle at different rates, this, providing a continuous source of energy between feeds.

To accompany a high starch diet, the cattle will also need a good source of protein. This is required to maintain frame growth throughout a period of time. Degradable and Undegradable Rumen protein sources are both required, as the combination results will accelerate cattle liveweight gain.

Rumen Specific Yeast is used to increase the utilisation of concentrate feed and making sure that rumen bug health is optimum.  Addition of a rumen specific live yeast, such as Levucell, will help you maintain pH within the rumen and improve the digestion of starch and protein sources.

Shine & Hair Growth is your third consideration for Fat Stock Competition’s. Shine and Hair Growth can be accomplished with the inclusion of the correct fats within the diet. By using a ration with high oil inclusion, this will help improve skin health and condition, as well as, achieving that ‘shine’ to the animals coat.

help you boost daily live weight gain, maintain pH and promote hair growth and shine!

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