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Product Overview

  • Starter feed designed to exploit the genetic merit of the Pedigree lamb destined for breeding.
  • Offering faster growth rate than traditional Omega Lamb Creep and maximum feed efficiency.
  • 20% Crude Protein with higher levels of DUP than Omega Lamb Creep for increased growth rates over Omega Lamb Creep.
  • Specifically formulated with a range of minerals, trace elements and vitamins to help balance any potential deficiencies in the diet.
  • Ammonium chloride to help minimise the risk of bladder stones (urinary calculi).
  • Includes high levels of vitamin E and AO Mix R to support the animal’s anti-oxidative status, ensuring performance and health are not compromised during periods of stress such as weaning and when high growth rates are required.
  • High levels of organic zinc which has a greater bioavailability to the animal and increased stability to support hoof integrity and overall animal health and performance.
  • Includes a gut enhancing additive which stimulates the developing rumen to aid digestion and overall rumen health.

Key Benefits

• Contains Rumi-Guard mineral package.
• Additive to enhance intakes + improve rumen development.
• Increased Vit E & SE to aid immunity.
• Protected minerals to bypass more efficiently into the bloodstream.
• Omega 3's to promote joint health, bone density, skin health & fertility.
• Balance of energy & protein to grow frame not fat.
• Deccox options available.

Nutritional Information

  • Crude Protein 20.00%
  • Crude Fibre 7.25%
  • Ash 8.75%
  • Vitamin A 8,500iu/kg
  • Vitamin D3 2,000iu/kg
  • Vitamin E 150.00mg/kg
  • Calcium 1.12%
  • Phosphorus 0.52%
  • Sodium 0.77%
  • Magnesium 0.22%
  • Selenium 1mg/kg

Feeding Instructions

• Offer Ad-lib from 1-2 days of age.
• We recommend feeding ad-lib from 0-8 weeks old before progressing onto Omega Lamb Creep from 8-12 weeks and Omega Tup & Lamb from 12 weeks onwards.
• Clean water and a forage source must be freely available.
If unsure, please contact us for bespoke feed plans.

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