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High Quality Pot Bellied Pig Feed.  Also Suitable for Kune Kunes, Micro Pigs & Pet Pigs

Specially Formulated to Avoid Obesity


  • High Fibre, Low Calorie
  • With Added Herbs
  • Broad Spectrum Vitamins & Minerals
  • 12% Protein Content

Key Benefits 

Pot Bellied Pigs, Kune Kunes, Micro Pigs and other pet pigs can be prone to becoming overweight if fed normal pig feeds, especially when combined with over feeding and lack of exercise.

Allen & Page Pot Bellied Pig Food is specially formulated with higher fibre levels and lower levels of protein and energy to help avoid obesity and is suitable for Kune Kunes, Micro Pigs and all pet pigs. Part of the Allen & Page Small Holder Range, Allen & Page Pot Bellied Pig Food is ideally suited for pigs that are kept in free range, non-intensive production or as pets.

Allen & Page Pot Bellied Pig Food contains no animal by-products, fishmeal or gelatine coated vitamins and contain only premium vegetable oils. Allen & Page Pot Bellied Pig Food also contains no artificial growth promoters, antibiotics, or other medicated additives. It also is free from artificial colours and flavours and is Vegetarian Society Approved and GM free.

Feeding Guide

Pet pigs will eat on average 1-2% of their bodyweight in pig feed per day - a 35kg adult will eat about 0.53kg per day, whilst a 10kg young pig will eat about 0.15kg. Remember, these are just a guide as each pig is an individual and will require individual levels of nutrition which can be dependent on a number of factors. Additional feeding amounts and guidance can be found on the bag.

Nutritional Analysis

Oil 3.50%, Protein 12.00%, Fibre 16.00%

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