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Super Beef Mag rolls are a specialist diet for suckler cow feeding systems.


• Roll: Increases intakes and ground feeding.
• High Energy: A range of starch, sugar and digestible fibre to promote high quality milk production and improve fertility.
• Balanced Protein: 15% protein from rumen degradable and by-pass protein to promote milk production.
• Health Pack: Supplies vitamins, minerals and key trace elements (Zinc, Iodine, Cobalt and Selenium) to optimise health and fertility.
• Magnesium: Elevated levels (57g in 1.4kg) to reduce the risk of grass staggers. 

Nutritional Information

  • Weight 25.0000

Feeding Instructions

Magnesium: Elevated levels (57g in 1.4kg fed) to reduce the risk of grass staggers. 

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