As the unusually hot weather continues, biting fly populations have the ideal climate to help induce summer mastitis in suckling cows and in calf heifers, or cause fly strike, or irritation to sheep and young stock.

By feeding Garlic, naturally occurring Sulphur compounds in the ingredient seep out through pores and sweat glands, acting as a repellent to flies and other biting insects. 

Flies are therefore less likely to land on the animal, and cause irritation.  When animals are irritated or need to scratch patches of skin where flies are biting, grazing is reduced, and skin infections can arise, so this can easily and conveniently be prevented by offering Garlic Lick buckets to animals.

Further to this where Spring born calves are being fed Omega Sprint containing Garlic granules, the Sulphur compounds remain attached to the mothers teats, making the udder an extremely unpalatable place for flies to land. This makes mastitis causing infections a less likely possibility.

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Cows - garlic bucket