The problem - "Whats on the bag isn't always in the bag?"

Over the years Yara has conducted a number of surveys investigating the quality of blended fertilizer products available to farmers in the UK. Results continue to show a significant percentage of analyses failing to meet statutory declared levels and that bags are underweight.

Small deviations in the fertiliser analysis can have a significant financial penalty and coupled with the consequential yield penalties associated with the incorrect application rate care must be taken when considering which product to buy. Cheaper poorly blended alternatives may be a false economy.

Survey Methodology

- 23 commercially available blends purchased

- 4 x 600kg bags of each grade randomly selected from a large stack

- each product sampled, weighed and its packaging audited by an external contractor

- Sealed samples of each grade sent to a reputable Public Analyst

- The sampling process was carried out in accordance with the Fertilisers (Sampling & Analysis) Regulations 1996 with all procedures meeting Traing Standard protocols.