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Product Overview

Lo-Cal Balancer is a top specification nutrient-dense pelleted balancer, containing all a horse or pony needs for health and well-being, without the calories associated with a traditional mix or cube. 

Key Benefits

  • Protein sources supply essential amino acids to build and repair muscle and other tissues, including tendons and hooves.
  • Linseed contributes essential Omega 3 fatty acids for supple skin and a super-shiny coat.
  • Superior vitamin, mineral and antioxidant content supports good health and includes chelated minerals, which are more easily absorbed by the horse's body.
  • Lower starch and sugar levels, meaning it is more suitable for equines prone to laminitis, while protected probiotic yeast and Digest Plus prebiotic support fibre-digesting bacteria, general gut health and digestive efficiency. 
  • This is of particular importance in the aftermath of a laminitic episode as a disruption in the gut microbial population will have occurred.
  • Accredited by BETA as suitable for equines prone to gastric ulcer syndrome.

Nutritional Information

  • Protein 16%
  • Fibre 12%
  • Oil 5.5%
  • Ash 15%
  • Calcium 3%
  • Phosphorous 1.5%
  • Magnesium 0.6%
  • Potassium 1%
  • Copper 220mg/kg
  • Iodine 4mg/kg
  • Iron 400mg
  • Selenium 1.9mg/kg
  • Zinc 500mg/kg
  • Manganese 180mg
  • Biotin 30mg/kg
  • Vitamin A 44000iu/kg
  • Vitamin D3 4400mg/kg
  • Vitamin E 800iu/kg
  • Starch 6%
  • Sugar 5.5%

Feeding Instructions

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