Omega Flush is a scientifically formulated blend of carbohydrates and specific Omega-3 oils designed to optimise the quantity and quality of transferable embryos and improve conception rates for transferred embryos.

It’s recommended for feeding to donor and recipient Ewes and cows prior to and after super-ovulation.

Omega Ewe Flush and Omega Cattle Flush influence fertility at hormonal level in 2 main ways;

Blood Sugar

Research has shown that increasing blood glucose levels in donor animals has a positive effect on the hormone Insulin like growth factor or IGF. High IGF levels improve follicle development resulting in larger and more follicles at ovulation.  Cows and Ewes with low blood glucose produce lower numbers of smaller follicles.


Omega-3 Oils

The use of omega-3 in fertility has become popular recently with a concentrated source being fish oils. The main omega-3 fatty acids are EPA and DHA which research has conclusively shown the following benefits;

  • Improvement of follicle development in conjunction with high blood glucose levels
  • Reduced early embryo losses. (fertilisation failure and early embryo death account for over 75% of fertilisation and implantation failures).

In recipient animals EPA and DHA block the production of prostaglandin Pg F2 by the uterus. Prostaglandin has a negative effect on embryo survival rates.

EPA and DHA are also involved in the nutrient supply for the production of stronger and more vigorous embryos.

Check out our Omega 3 rich flushing range:

Pre Tup Flush buckets     

Pre tup flushing bucket

Omega Ewe Flush

Omega Ewe Flush

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Omega Cattle Flush

Omega Ewe Flush

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