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Product Overview

Designed for elderly horses combining the benefits of a feed balancer and a joint supplement.

Key Benefits

  • Includes the scientifically recommended rate of glucosamine in a daily quantity of feed to help maintain mobility.
  • A very palatable ‘Non-Heating’ feed that contains several supplements which provide the levels of micronutrients and digestive aids normally only found in high quality specialised supplements. When Senior Feed Balancer is fed there is therefore no need to add any further supplements.
  • Helps to maintain muscle development, topline and condition, these often start to decline as horses age.
  • Allows elderly horses to utilise far more nutrients from the forage and straights in their diet in exactly the same way as Comprehensive Feed Balancer.
  • When horses eat more forage and less hard feed, previously loose droppings usually firm up very well.
  • Ideal for elderly horses unable to chew optimum levels of forage. When mixed with soaked TopSpec High Fibre Mash or TopSpec FibrePlus Cubes a superb complete feed is formed, replacing all forage if necessary.
  • Beneficial for elderly horses suffering from stress.

Nutritional Information

  • Protein 25.00%
  • Fibre 8%
  • Oil 5.7%
  • Vitamin E 1,500iu/kg
  • Calcium 2.4%
  • Magnesium 0.6%
  • Starch 8%
  • Digestible Energy 12.5mj/kg
  • Biotin 30mg/kg

Feeding Instructions

Typical feed regime for a 16.1hh elderly horse in light work/retired:-

  • Grazing plus ad-lib good quality hay or haylage if can chew effectively, if not, partially or totally replace with soaked TopSpec High Fibre Mash.

Plus two feeds per day - each containing:-

  • 250g TopSpec Senior Feed Balancer (combines a joint supplement with a feed balancer designed for elderly horses).
  • 300g TopChop Grass (‘Non-Heating’ and unmolassed).
  • Up to 1.5kg TopSpec UlsaKind Cubes (‘Non-Heating’ conditioning cubes, quantity adjusted according to condition).
  • Access to a salt lick 24/7.

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