Pioneer additive for Wholecrop Cereals

With grass silage yields being challenging for 1st cut, and drought conditions affecting 2nd cuts already this year, some farms may look to Wholecroping cereals as a means to ensiling Dry Matter for winter rations.

Now is the time to asses current silage stocks , grass re-growth and the option for boosting stocks with the use of whole crop.

Of course the annual issue with feeding the straw part of Wholecrop is a lack of digestibility.  This “Lignification” of the straw can be circumvented by the action of the “Ferulate Esterase” enzyme, which is released from Pioneer’s 11GFT additive.

Where “Heating” could become an issue, 11GFT will release Acetic acid during ensiling process, helping to improve aerobic stability, this process is powered by Buchneri bacteria – famous for producing cool forage.

In trials conducted by Pioneer using 11GFT, the temperature increase in preserved Wholecrop after exposure to air, took 4 times longer to occur in the Pioneer GFT treated pit than the untreated control pit – see below heat camera images where Red colours are warmer areas and Blues are colder patches.

See the below product choice flowchart to help decide which Pioneer additive is correct for you.

Which additive