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Product Overview

A specialist transition cow diet formulated for: Improved cow performance, enhanced health and better calf performance.

Key Benefits

Balanced Energy: A combination of starch and digestible fibre to maximise rumen development and maintain BCS.
• High Protein: 26% protein to encourage tissue repair and maximise colostrum quality.
• Prepare+: Supplies a high level of Vitamins E, Cellguard bioavailable selenium and zinc to enhance immunity and health. Also supplies B vitamins to prevent the build up of fat in the liver. This improves energy availability in early lactation. 
Anionic Salts: Helps to lower Dietary Cation Anion Balance (DCAB) and reduce the risk of milk fever and associated problems. 

Feeding Instructions

Translac Extra should be fed to close-up transition cows (3 weeks pre-calving).

Translac Extra can be fed with all forage types; grass silage, maize silage and straw up to 3kg/cow/day. 


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