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Formulated for all types of cattle to help balance a wide range of forage-based diets for optimal health and productivity. The inclusion of IntelliBond Copper specifically helps to support fertility, growth rates and overall health.

Key Benefits

  • Ideal for calves and youngstock at risk of respiratory disease, especially during the autumn and winter and at housing.
  • Pulmosure; a blend of essential oils that support breathing and the clearing of airways where there is a risk of respiratory disease.
  • Copper sulphate free; inclusion of IntelliBond Copper as a replacement for sulphate ensures that rumen function and NDF digestibility is optimised for volatile fatty acid production and subsequent liveweight gains in growing cattle, growing cattle, as well as supporting optimal rumen development conditions.
  • Improved palatability; animals prefer supplements that contain IntelliBond trace minerals over supplements with sulphate trace minerals.
  • IntelliBond trace minerals; independent university research has shown IBC and IBZ to have 1.96 and 2.04 times greater relative bioavailability (RBV) when compared to inorganic sources. Increased bioavailability helps to support fertility, immunity, growth rates and overall performance.
  • Optimin SeY, a premium quality selenium yeast, proven to support antioxidant defences and immunity during periods of stress.
  • A high level of vitamin E and the addition of AOmix R, supports performance during periods of high productive stress, such as weaning and where high growth rates are required.

Nutritional Information

  • Calcium 18%
  • Sodium 6%
  • Selenium present
  • Optimin SeY present
  • Cobalt present
  • Iodine present
  • IntelliBond Manganese present
  • IntelliBond Zinc present
  • IntelliBond Copper present
  • Vitamins A, D3 & E present
  • AO-Mix R present
  • Vitamin B12 present

Feeding Instructions

Allow 1 bucket per 5 head of cattle.

Typical intakes: up to 200g/head/day.

Contains copper, do not feed to sheep.

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