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General Purpose Stud, Mare and Youngstock Mix.

Key Benefits

• Salmon Oil & Linseed as sources of Omega 3's to support immune function, help manage inflammation and promote bone density in young horses.
• 16% protein for varied amino acid supply in growing horses.
Flavouring stimulant included to help palatability in young horses and continued feed intake in pregnant mares.


  • Crude Protein 17%
  • Crude Fibre 7.3%
  • Crude Oil & Fat 4.1%
  • Ash 6.7%
  • Calcium 0.68%
  • Phosphorus 0.52%
  • Sugar 5%
  • Starch 27%
  • Sodium 0.37%
  • Magnesium 0.16%
  • Vitamin A 12,000iu/kg
  • Vitamin D3 1,300iu/kg
  • Vitamin E 200.00mg/kg
  • Copper 21mg/kg
  • Biotin 1,000mcg/Kg
  • DE-M 7.5MJ


  • Wheatfeed
  • Oats Rolled
  • Distiller Dark Grains
  • Barley Flaked
  • Sugar Beet Pulp
  • Maize Flaked
  • Micronized Peas
  • Molasses
  • Soyabean Meal
  • Calcium Carbonate 
  • Sodium Chloride
  • Omega Oil
  • Water
  • Wheat
  • Addarome

Reviews (2)

  • Brilliant

    I started my mare on G&M breeding & youngsters mix when we found out she was in fact in foal. She did very well throughout her pregnancy and after foaling. Unfortunately we had to get the mare PTS due to a freak field accident, leaving her 2 and half month old foal. He is still currently on G&M breeding and youngstock and will be for the foreseeable. He has doing extremely well, and it\'s down to G&M feeding.

    16 November 2023

  • Young stock mix

    Bought this feed for my youngest and he\'s doing brilliant on it. Nice shiny coat, bright eyes & looking great in general. He loves it and gets excited when it\'s dinner time 😀

    07 May 2024

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