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Standard Soil Analysis - Agricultural A218

Analysis includes :- pH, Available Phosphorus, Potassium, Magnesium & Organic Matter . Results express as mg/l and ADAS indices.

Lime & Fertiliser recommendations are available  for most crops.

Results will be emailed 7-10 days after posting. 

This can be claimed back as part of the "Sustainable Farming Scheme".

How to Soil Sample

Before taking the sample

Soil analysis on each field should be carried out at least every 3-5 years
It is advised not to sample an area larger than four hectares

Ideally sample post-harvest September to February depending on timing of Fertiliser application
Fruit, Vines and Hops fields ideally to be sampled in Spring and before ploughing so lime/ fertiliser can be applied and ploughed down
Leave at least 4-6 months after fertiliser and lime* applications before taking a soil sample or six weeks for
organic manures.

The Sampling Procedure
1. Where to sample
In order to obtain a representative sample, areas known to differ in soil type and history (i.e. crop performance) should be sampled separately. The sample should be made up of between 20-25 cores taken from sampling points forming a ‘W or M’ pattern across the area.

Avoid taking samples where muck heaps or feeders have been, headlands, or in the surrounding areas of unusual features,
trees and hedges 

2. How deep to sample- The sampling depth varies depending on the use of the field and cultivation.

3. Make sure you have the correct tools: Suitable soil auger for your sampling depth,  Bucket for collecting and mixing soil cores, Sample boxes or bags Analysis request forms

4. Preparing your sample - A core is taken at each sampling point using an appropriate auger and mixed together in a clean container to form a representative sample, Remove all roots, plant material or accumulated surface organic matter in the sample –  Approximately 300g should be placed in packaging provided. 

5. Avoid cross contamination , Clean your soil auger and bucket between sampling areas. 

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