Dengie Hi-Fi Original

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A high-fibre, low starch maintenance feed ideal for horses at rest or in light work.

Key Benefits

  • A combination of alfalfa with quality soft cereal straw and a molasses coating.
  • Provides a nutritious and lower sugar alternative to traditional molassed chaffs.
  • Hi-Fi Original provides 8MJ/kg of Digestible Energy, ideal for horses and ponies at rest or in light work.
  • The inclusion of alfafa provides quality protein – important for muscle development and repair.
  • A great value feed for horses – 20kg bale provides over 60 Stubbs scoops per bag – when feeding two scoops per day, one bale of Hi-Fi Original will last 33 days.
  • Hi-Fi Original can be used as a partial hay replacer.


  • Protein 10.00%
  • Fibre 35.00%
  • Ash 9.00%
  • Starch 1.5%
  • Sugar 9.00%
  • Digestible Energy 8.00mj/kg
  • Oil 1.5%

Feeding Guide

Hi-Fi Original can be fed as the sole energy source: just add a broad-spectrum vitamin and mineral supplement or balancer.

Hi-Fi Original can also be fed as a partial hay replacer. The average section of hay weighs around 2kgs which can be replaced with 2kgs of Hi-Fi Original. As Hi-Fi Original is a short ‘chop’ it takes as long to eat as the equivalent weight of hay or haylage and so helps to keep horses occupied and satisfied. Unlike hay and haylage which can vary in nutritional content from batch to batch, Hi-Fi Original provides consistent nutrition.

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