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Horse Feeds

At the FEEDSuperstore we stock a wide range of high quality horse feeds. Our main brands are Spillers, Avondale, Dodson & Horrell, Dengie and Baileys to name a few. We supply throughout UK and Ireland, so whether you be a happy hacker or professional we have something in store to suit your requirements.

Horses are part of Galloway & MacLeod’s heritage. When horses transport was the means of conveyance for people and goods the company operated from offices in Glasgow and supplied Oats, Bran, Locust and Chaff for the carters horses. Heavy working horses had good appetites and the business prospered. Today we continue that heritage with horse feeds and accessories a very important part of our business. We manufacture a speciality range of horse feeds and supply the top brands to a wide range of customers. We offer one of the biggest and best range of quality feeds for horses to be found anywhere.



Avondale Horse Feeds

Manufactured at Stonehouse by Galloway & MacLeod utilising computerised process control that ensures accuracy and consistency. All feed materials used are carefully selected and assured for quality and safety. We manufacture every day so feeds are always fresh. Nutritional specifications and formulae are prepared in-house using our own programmes that are directly linked to labelling, so what’s in the bag is always what’s on the label.

All products are nutritionally balanced feeds and contain added vitamins and minerals. A numbers of ‘exotic’ feed materials are used including Lucerne, Carob Pods, Linseed Exp and Cooked Flaked Cereals.

Our standard pack is 20 kg woven polyprop sack an alternative pack for larger users and stables is our Smart Bags: 500 kg sealed poly lined IBC, this requires mechanical handling to be supplied by buyer at delivery point.

Feeding Instructions: To be fed according to bodyweight and the amount of work being done. The allowance of feed should be given in at least two feeds. All AVONDALE Horse Feeds are designed for use in conjunction with hay or roughage.

A fantastic range of quality and value for money horse feeds.
Avondale Cool Mix – for Horses In Light Work
Avondale Stable Mash - for Horses in Poor Condition
Avondale Stable Mix – for Horses In Light Work
Avondale Slow Release Leisure Mix - Horses In Medium Work
Avondale Competition Performance Mix - Horses In Medium – Hard work

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SPILLERS created the original compound horse feed in the UK in the 1950’s. Since that time SPILLERS have led the way in innovative nutritional products. From some of the world’s best known horses, to the family pony, SPILLERS horse feeds have been the choice of generations.

Spillers Horse Feeds - Buckeye Gro N Win, Conditioning & Showing Mix, Conditioning Cubes, Happy Hoof, Horse & Pony Cubes, Meadow Herb Mix, Power Cubes, Racehorse Cubes, Racing Mix, Readigrass, Response Instant Energy Cubes, Response Instant Energy Mix, Response Slow Release Energy Cubes, Response Slow Release Mix, Senior Conditioning Mix, Senior Maintenance Mix, Stud & Youngstock Mix, Stud Cubes, Winergy Ventil-Ate, Cool Fibre Chaff, Conditioning Fibre Chaff and Cool Mix.

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70 years experience and a wealth of expertise are used to formulate Dodson & Horrell feeds and ensure that your horse is receiving the best nutrition.
Dodson & Horrell Horse Feed Range - Alfalfa Chaff, Barley Rings, Build Up Cubes, Build Up Mix, Country Cubes, ERS Pellets, Fibergy, Foal Mix, Leisure Mix, Mare & Youngstock Mix, Pasture Mix, Hi Fibre Cubes, Safe & Sound, Sixteen Plus Cubes, Sixteen Plus Mix, Staypower Muesli, Suregrow, Ultimate Balancer



Dengie is the UK's leading manufacturer of fibre-based horse feeds and the largest producer of alfalfa within the UK, the majority of which is used within our leading horse feed brands of Alfa-A and Hi-Fi.
Dengie Horse Feeds - Alfa-A-Original, Alfa-A-Oil, Alfa-A-Lite, Hi-Fi Original, Hi-Fi Lite, Hi-Fi Senior, Good Do-Er, Alfa Beet, Naked Oats, Stable Licks, Molasses Free Hi-Fi, Molasses Free Alfa-A, Molasses Free Healthy Hooves, Healthy Hooves Original.

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A great range of fodder for your equine friends.
Friendship Estates Fodder - Horsehage Rye Grass (Green), Horsehage High Fibre (Blue), Mollichaff Applechaff, Readigrass, Mollichaff Extra.

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Allen & Page Products - Calm & Condition, Fast Fibre, Veteran Vitality



TopSpec products are highly respected throughout the equine industry for their nutritional integrity.

Topspec Horse Feeds - TopSpec Feed Balancer, TopSpec Anti Lam, Cool Conditioning Cubes, Conditioning Flakes.

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Baileys - Cereal Meal, Topline Cubes, Fibre Plus Nuggets, Outshine, Lo-Cal Balancer

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Horslyx is a palatable feed lick, which offers the horse a more natural ‘trickle feed’ nutrient supply. Designed to balance nutrient deficiencies in forage and grazing, Horslyx can also be used to reduce boredom and stress in stabled horses. Horsylx Products - Stable Lick Refill, Stable Lick Holder, Respiratory, Respiratory Stable Lick Refill, Mobility Stable Lick Refill, Midi-Tub, Garlic & Garlic refill

Other Horse Feeds

Products Include - Broomhall Haymix, Green Gold, Speedibeet, Ready Mash, Ready Mash Extra, Ready Fibre Mash.

Feed Material (Straights)

Beet Pulp Pellets
Bruised Barley
Flaked Barley
Micronised Flaked Peas
Micronised Flaked Maize