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GM_Omega3_logo_blue.jpg Omega Show Ring


The energy dense Omega Show Ring has been designed to add "finish" to the sheep's frame. Fed 6 - 8 weeks before show or sale, starch and sugar levels will add a fat covering to the animal while the oil package will add a shine to the wool of the sheep.


When fed along with Sweet Mash, the animals' condition will be boosted in readiness for turning into the ring.



Features and Advantages


               Ensure rumen function is maximised


               Encourages Intakes

               Encourages rumen function

               Encourages fat covering


               Maintains Healthy Skin

               Brings shine to wool


               Increased Feed Conversion Efficiency

               Maintains rumen health


               Lowers chance of Urinary Calculi






Sweet Mash


An updated version of the traditional "mash." Designed to supply both energy and digestible fibre to the animals' rumen, which in turn increases rumen microbe action and helps increase intake of dry feed.



Features and Advantages


               Promotes rumen health

               Increased rumen microbe action

               Helps control acid loading - encourage hair production


               Increased rumen microbe action

               Will encourage Dry Matter intakes





G&M Sweet Mash Mixing Rate Video

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